Online Teaching Overview

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This site offers a wealth of expertly curated, downloadable open educational resources for you to use in teaching and learning. The resources are provided by practising academics or academic support staff. They willingly share their practical knowledge and experience of e-learning with you knowing that you will be able to teach confidently online, and build and manage and engaging learning spaces for your students.There are four strands of tutorial articles in this section. Each strand will help you gain knowledge skills and understanding of the different aspects of becoming a competent higher education practitioner of online learning.

Learning Design

If you’re completely new to online teaching and don’t know where to start, here you can find a wealth of few useful guides, and resources to get you startedin designing and delivering online content.On the other hand, if you have done it all before, you may want to get fresh ideas about designing effective virtual learning spaces and creating fulfilling online learning for your students.

Feedback and assessment

Student satisfaction is directly related to the way they are assessed. Understanding how online feedback and assessment can enhance the learner experience leads to effective and efficient learning, as well as reducing your marking workload.


Good communication is key in any learning and teaching context. Online methods of teacher-to-learner and peer-to-peer communication can be an excellent way to increase the level and quality of learning.


Social learning, group work, collaboration – students learn better when they work together. Choose one of the topics below to find out about techniques and methods to help students work together online.