This site replaces the old eMatrix site using the latest web development techniques and technologies. The new site grew out of the original eMatrix which at its peak was receiving about 55000 hits a month from around thirty five countries. The concept was originally developed and executed by Charl Fregona and Pen Lister to assist busy academics in with continuiung professional development in digital learning. Pen developed the techncial and design build for the eMatrix resource, and worked closely with Charl Fregona on stakeholder requirements and information architecture. As senior academic, Charl had overall editorial control for  article content and pedgagogical quality. She also designed all the learning content for the Expertise channel. Along with Pen and Charl, Laura Heap and Jim Pettiward were the original authors and web curators of the eMatrix, contributing some one hundred articles between them.

The eMatrix has now a been brought up to date as a fully responsive site with new articles and a contributors link.

Web Team

Website design and development: Charl Fregona

Administrators: JD Desire, Janet Gordon and Sue Griffiths

Editorial Team

Digby Warren

Charl Fregona

Kathy Harrington

Sandra Sinfied

Janet Gordon