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Good Online Learners: Making Online Learning Work

Charl Fregona ALT, Beginner, Learning Series

What makes a good learner?

Motivation, participation, taking responsibility for your own learning, sharing with your peers, bringing your own pen? Of course the traditional ideas of what makes a good learner can still apply in the digital world but learning in an online environment brings with it several other aspects to being a good learner. This section gives you the opportunity to explore the skills and characteristics that a digital learner needs in order to be successful online.

What makes a good online learner?

Studying online offers the opportunity to work anywhere you can access an internet connection. This opens up the possibility to work from home, in a coffee shop on the bus or in the park. However, this expansion of the working environment brings with it the problem of boundaries. Finding space and time to work online can actually be a challenge in itself if you are battling with interruptions from children, chores or other commitments.

One key characteristic of being a successful online learner is to have a strong time-management strategy. Other aspects of online learning success are that:

  •  students need to set aside regular time to study when they can focus
  • they need to find a place to work that is as free from distractions as it can be – the beauty of online learning is that this can almost anywhere
  • without a fixed class timetable it can be easy to lose track of deadlines so using a course calendar or setting reminders can help

Joel Engish offers these ten pointers for students to make a success of the time they spend lerning online:

SOURCE: Plugged In, 1st Edition Joel English — Centura College

Global Digital Citizen Foundation also have an excellent short guide on what skills learners need to get the most from their educational experiences: The Six Step Guide to Becoming a Better Learner

Use the links below to explore further and in more detail what factors make a good online learner.

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